Building Management Systems – BMS

We prevent and reduce the risks of fire hazards, flooding or burglary. You can control everything from your smartphone or smartwatch.

Safety by intelligence!

BTG assures the implementation, integration and coordination of the different building techniques and technologies. These are building automation, building management, access control, HVAC, building technologies related to renewable energies like wind energy, solar energy, LED lighting.

BTG is acting in three main sectors:

  • Residential sector;
  • Tertiary sector(hospitality, healthcare, community;
    and industry.

The core business of BAT is Building Management Systems. It has developed smart management software for hotels, community buildings, hospitals.
His full range of modules allows data acquisition, controls and commands any type of appliances. It brings all building technologies together.


  • Simple and flexible integration;
  • Easy and dynamic set up;
  • Coordination of the different contractors;
  • One software management tool for the whole range of building management modules.

Clever House has designed a full range of products for home automation. It installs, sets up and configures automation systems. It also provides support and training for retailers and customers. Home automation systems designed by Clever House can be used for lighting automation, HVAC automation, housekeeping, access control, alarm system, blinds control, renewable energy systems control. The whole installation can be controlled by push buttons, remote controls, mobile phone, personal computer, through the Internet, or more.

We offer



We will help you find the best solutions for transforming your ordinary house into an intelligent house all while covering all your needs.



We always configure our systems according to your demands and create personalized scenarios so that you can fully enjoy your investment.




We can help you from the moment you start drafting your project, however we also intervene in finished or under renovation projects.



Every product comes with online or over the phone tech-support, this way we ensure you will allways be worry free. 

The BMS systems offered, are customized for you. Technical support service is at your disposal anytime.

Introduce intelligence into your home, in your business or in any space that you target.

Peace of mind

You can avoid fire risks, flooding or burglary through the implementation of the BTG systems. Diminishing these risks will provide the peace of mind you always wanted! You will have everything under control no matter the distance.


You can configure your house according to your needs.

You can program:

  • An extraordinary party
  • The perfect wake up
  • Energy savings
  • Departing or arriving home
  • Temperature, humidity and light


Can you remember how many times you left home only to be left under the impresion you forgot something? How many times did you have to return home to let the babysitter, maid or parents in the house? Now you can leave assured that you will have everything covered by your smartphone!

Save money, be SMART

Reducing cost while maintaining the levels of comfort is one of the main characteristics of a SMART house. You will be able to optimize all the systems. Heating, lighting and irrigation will be coordinated and economic.

Are you a real estate developer? Do you sell houses or apartments?

Offer Safety!

Installing the BTG Romania systems adds a safety benefit thus you can increase the value of the property.

Offer Quality!

With the BTG Romania systems, selling has never been easier! You will not be selling just houses, you will be selling SMART houses!

Offer Innovation!

You will be one step ahead of the competition by having the most attractive offer with a SMART house!

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