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BMS Comfort

Demo Software

The BMS Confort package includes besides the 2 basic elements (safety and security) and the complete management of the electrical system through the home automation system.

Electrical system management

The electrical system can be switched to the OFF GENERAL module. Thus, all electrical circuits can be switched off at the same time. The electrical system can be programmed to switch to OFF mode when the alarm is triggered. This solution involves the use of Dimmer and Relay modules, which will allow:

Programming and controlling the various electrical appliances by controlling the sockets ordered, Controlling the blinds / shutters, Programming and controlling the speed of adjusting the light intensity when closing and opening the circuits, Ambience (electrical circuits) according to various parameters:

  • Presence / absence in an area (thanks to motion detectors);
  • The time of day (thanks to the schedule according to a schedule);
  • The level of natural brightness (thanks to the light probes), etc .;
  • The receivers using radio frequencies connected to the home automation system will allow the lighting management in the domotized areas by a maximum of 8 commands by remote control (eg GENERAL OFF mode, TV Ambiance, etc.).

We also propose a system for managing common toilets for two rooms: the door will be locked for the second room when the occupant of the first room presses the control button to open the circuits in the toilet. Although the modules for the management of the electrical system work using classic control buttons, manufactured by any company, the wiring will be made as a relay contactor (it is not very expensive for the customer). The control buttons have a pleasant design and provide visual comfort (different ambient brightness), but they also save energy, either by setting a minimum intensity level: for example, if you want to have a 50% light intensity, the energy consumption will be 55% of the nominal power of the light source, either through the dynamic lighting management depending on the detection of movement in an area, or through the dynamic lighting management depending on the time of day: morning and evening, after 8 pm the lighting must be more discreet, either by the dynamic management of the external lighting depending on the intensity of the natural light, but mostly by combining all these parameters. The estimate of the electrical savings achieved using this system is about 45% compared to the classical system.

Control and monitoring by computer and tablet

Operation, monitoring and control are achieved through a high-performance and configurable software solution. This will allow the introduction of any kind of programming desired depending on the light intensity, presence detectors, preset time. At the client’s request, he / she will send messages / emails in case of a malfunction or in case of any other event. The visualization can be done directly on the control computer, on a laptop, on a Smartphone, or even on a Wi-Fi touch tablet. The software also allows remote home automation installation monitoring over the Internet. We propose to rent the software with annual updates. Of course, its purchase is also available to you.



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