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Lighting control in apartments

Lighting control in apartments – this requirement includes the individual control of each lighting circuit, with the possibility of having 2 preset intelligent scenarios: Close All, Party (the Kitchen and Living lights are on).

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Heating control apartments

Heating control apartments with intelligent programs – this requirement allows reading Humidity and Temperature Reading IR remote control, energy saving reading, electromagnetic Yala reading / control. Configuration of heating scenarios adapted to the needs of the user, in order to obtain increased comfort at optimal minimized consumption. We propose two states: “In house” and “Away” with different temperatures that can be activated depending on the state of the house.

Redesigning electrical plans

Electrical plan redesign – this activity includes redesigning electrical lighting circuits, sockets and low currents. The resulting drawings will be delivered to the beneficiary and assumed by the general designer. The stamps of the verifier are not included, these can only be placed after the general designer assumes and stamps the project.

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SMART functionalities

SMART Features:

a. When a window / door is open for more than 10 minutes, it will reduce the heating up to the fault level and the operation at the fault level to avoid excessive consumption in the same time the eventual freeze of the installation.

b. Define the operating modes of the house that can be activated by pressing the exit button:

      1. “In house” – the house is not armed because the owner is in the premises, the temperature in the house will be the one desired and previously programmed by the owner;
      2. “Sleeping” – the house is armed, the owner is on the premises, the temperature in the house is regulated for sleeping, set once by the owner;
      3. “Away” – the house is armed, the owner is not on the premises, the temperature in the house is the default one for minimum consumption.


c. The access to the apartment will be made with the unique access card, valid at the intercom for access in the residential complex.

d. will be provided with the possibility of automatically opening the door in the BMS application if the electromagnetic wire is installed.

Security and Safety for apartments

Security and Safety for apartments – this requirement allows reading smoke sensors, reading flood sensor, reading magnetic contacts, reading energy saver, reading / ordering Yala electromagnetica and alerting the tenant directly or through the dispatcher when the following events occur:

una. unauthorized entry when the apartment is in Away mode, In this case both the owner and the dispatcher are alerted.

b. smoke alert.

c. Flood alert and gas leak with the possibility of automatic interruption of electricity and drinking water at the damaged apartment and those below it.

d. Scenario for power outages (except refrigerator, boiler and air conditioning, which are not included in the BMS socket system) for the protection of children.

e. The panic button option, which alerts the residential dispatcher, the dispatcher acts and requests the presence of an intervention and security company.

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Software and mobile interfaces

Software and mobile interfaces. – the tenant will have a mobile application that will run on the phone and the tablet, from which he will have access to all the standard functionalities presented, he will also be able to configure and customize the communication interface on the phone and the tablet.